Oshiro was a ronin sensei of a respected school of kenjutsu and a talented warrior during the Dawn of the Empire. [1]

Warrior Edit

Oshiro, reputed as the finest warrior in his homeland, was easily defeated by a warrior from a far-away land who visited his province. Oshiro requested a musha shugyo to learn about the art of the blade and the different styles of swordsmanship. [1]

Ronin Edit

Oshiro traveled for years, learning every possible way. He accumulated a volume of scrolls detailing all the duels he witnessed and fought. Eventually a monk taught him the Tao of Shinsei, and that all Elements were really one, the Void. Oshiro realized the individual techniques did not matter. All schools of kenjutsu had in common the blade, the enemy, and the goal of victory. [1]

Sensei Edit

Oshiro stopped trying to understand each style, and instead, he began to record their underlying stances. He combined the underlying forms of swordsmanship, into a fluid and versatile basic fighting style, the Hundred Stances style. Samurai sought Oshiro's patronage to learn his style, which slowed down his own learning process. [1]

Death Edit

One lord who sought Oshiro's services sent men with instructions to bring him back by force if needed. Oshiro fled, to a desolate plain, and hid his scrolls there. When his assailants caught up with him, Oshiro declared he had destroyed his scrolls and committed seppuku on the spot. [1]

Legacy Edit

His scrolls would be discovered years later by Bayushi Sawao, who eventually retired from his clan and founded a school to teach Oshiro's way, the Hundred Stances Dojo. [2] The plains where he died was called Oshiro's Grave. [3]


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