Oshindoka Toshi

Oshindoka Toshi (U10)

Oshindoka Toshi (U10) in the Aishou province [1] was founded in 925 by Shinjo Inejiro. [2]

Founding Edit

Shinjo Inejiro, the Unicorn Clan Champion's cousin, loved Kakita Umeki. Her father, Kakita Konyo, the Master of the Kakita Dueling Academy, disdained the Unicorn Clan's barbaric ways, and not allowed the betrothal. Inejiro hoped that if he built her a city Konyo would see his worth and marry him. Impressed, Konyo retracted his harsh words and promised to grant Inejiro his daughter's hand as soon as the city was complete. Matsu Hajime, a rival suitor who sought Umeki's hand purely for political reasons, accused Konyo of breaking his oath to the Lion. While the city was being built Hajime attacked Kakita lands, and Umeki died during the siege's first hour. Inejiro added his forces to Konyo, and together the Kakita and Shinjo invaded Matsu lands. For the next year the Unicorn hunted down her murderers, [3] leaving the city in ruins until Inejiro returned. The murderers were buried where they fell, and the image of Kakita Umeki's face graced the city walls high arched gates. [4]

Trade Edit

The lumber from Dragon Heart Forest was harvested there, and many local farmers come to the city to deposit their annual crops. [5] The city was also home to major grain storehouses, and there was also a secretive group of diamond cutters who worked in the city. [6]

Pekkle no Oni Edit

A Pekkle no Oni who was drawn to the city by Shinjo Inejiro's pain and sadness, took Umeki's form shortly after it arrived. The creature seduced Inejiro, and poisoned him in his sleep. Since then the Pekkle remained in the city, seeking out lone travelers, pretending to be the spirit of Kakita Umeki, and killed them. [5]

Clan War Edit

In the Second Day of Thunder the Yugoro's Hordes attacked the village, but a token guard of Shinjo Magistrates led by Shinjo Suritoshi defended the village. Although Suritoshi fell that day, not many of his enemies escaped. [7]

Rise of the Moto Edit

For the first two centuries of its existence Oshinodka Toshi was a city carefully built in the finest Crane-influenced style but only barely inhabited. After the displacement of the Shinjo family from the clan heartland by the Moto, many Shinjo families relocated there, making it much more of a proper city. [6]


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