Osari Plains

Osari Plains

The Plains of the Crane Clan (QQ) were lush and rich, but anyone travelling here were warned by the local peasants not to travel after sunset. Hungry ghosts were said to roam free in the night, looking to feed on the blood of the living, dragging the wicked screaming into Gaki-do. [1]

Location Edit

Osari Plains 2

Osari Plains (QQ)

The Osari plains were just southwest of Otosan Uchi, and Kyuden Kakita sat there. [2]

Name Edit

The Osari Plains were named for the farmer Osari who led his village against an invading Scorpion force. Osari and men from his village held the village against the Bayushi warriors for three days while the Daidoji marched to their aid. When the Daidoji arrived and drove away the Bayushi only three farmers were left standing. A small empty hut still stands at the site of the battle as a tribute to the farmers who gave their lives for their farms. [3]

History Edit

Lion defeat Edit

In 473 the Lion forces led by Akodo Tsetsu were destroyed in the Battle at Osari Plains, where Daidoji forces used dishonorable means and even gaijin pepper to take the upperhand. [4]

Maho-tsukai Edit

In the 8th century the Maho-tsukai Agasha Enshoku terrorized the towns of the Plains, until he moved to Otosan Uchi, masquerading a Crane maiden. Enshoku was killed by the magistrate Akodo Shimizu in 743. [5]

Scorpion Coup Edit

The Osari Plains was the gathering location for the Lion Clan army led by Matsu Tsuko in opposition of the Scorpion Clan who had just assassinated Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. [6]

Lion Claims Edit

Though the Crane Clan had held the plains for several centuries, the Lion Clan did have a small measure of claim to the control of these lands. [7] Until 1120 the plains had been firmly in the Lion Clan's grasp. [8] After they lost them again, courtiers of the Lion Clan had attempted to make arguments for their Clan to be given control of the plains once more. In 1126 one such argument was taking place on the fateful day that the Great Clans learned of the march of the Crab Clan to Beiden Pass, and thus the beginning of the Clan War. The argument over the Plains was completely forgotten in the aftemath of that announcement. It was unclear if the Lion had since tried to reclaim the plains. [7]

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