The Osaku Route was an un-Tainted passage through the Sea of Shadows.

Free of Taint Edit

Hida Kenzan, Osano-Wo's son, went to mourn following his father's death in 97 to an island in the tainted Sea of Shadows. Kenzan left the Tetsubo of Thunder in a shrine as an offering to his father. The Kuni proclaimed the island sacred, and warded it so the Shadowlands would not take root there. It was believed that Osano-Wo favored the shrine so much that he kept the waters around the island pure, creating the Osaku Route. [1]

Trade route Edit

The route was a quick way to the Ivory Kingdoms, and thus was of great trade value. Although the seas of Rokugan fall under the jurisdiction of the Mantis Clan, the Osaku Route was under the protection of the Crab Clan as per an edict from the Emerald Champion, Yasuki Hachi in 1167. The Osaku Route was named after Kuni Osaku, the young Crab shugenja who gave her life in a valiant defense against The Maw. [2]


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