Orumash was a Naga Jakla and astronomer.

Guardian Edit

When the naga race returned to their Great Sleep Orumash remained awake in the ruined city of Iyotisha, serving as a guardian to his sleeping brethren. [1]

Ashalan Edit

In 1166 Orumash was visited by Akasha, accompanied by the Shogun, Kaneka, Shinjo Shono, and Shiba Danjuro. They were seeking Bayushi Atsuki, the original Gozoku leader and returned spirit. Atsuki had allied himself with the Ashalan, the ancestral enemies of the Naga, so Orumash revealed that Atsuki could be trying to shackle the Nothing to his will, in an attempt to gain enough power to take Rokugan. The Ashalan wished to destroy the Naga, but an ancient curse cast upon them by the Bright Eye prevented them from doing so. If an Ashalan remained in Rokugan for too long, they would twist and become mad. If Atsuki could wield the power of the Lying Darkness, it could be possible for him to break that curse. [1]

Atsuki's Death Edit

Orumash guided the Imperial Legions to an Ashalan hideout in the Plains Above Evil. The defenders were defeated and Kaneka killed someone thought to be Atsuki. The Naga returned to guard his city. The true Atsuki actually escaped, only to be hunted down shortly after and killed by Bayushi Sunetra. [2]


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