Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133

Orschat was a goblin hero, one of the few bakemono to elevate himself above the raving hordes. [1]

Warmonger Edit

Orschat was a warmonger during Kuni Yori's reign, brave to the point of being suicidal, but always returned unharmed. He began to be worshiped as a demigod among the goblin race and was believed to be nigh invincible. The Exalted Ugu made a deal with Orschat. He would cast spells to make Orschat in battle if the goblin leader would bring him spells and nemuranai from those he killed. [1]

Death Edit

Orschat was the watcher of Okura no Oni, if she should turn her back to serve her soul, Orschat would kill Okura. [2] In the Battle of Oblivion's Gate Okura no Oni began to fight against the minions of the Shadowlands and Orschat was one of the dead. [3]

Yokai Edit

Orschat's brief glimpse of glory did not be enough to summon him back as a yokai. Daigotsu came with a more powerful race of bakemono from the southern Shadowlands, alongside with a Goblin Wizard that sought to empower his brethren with kansen. His magic was powerful enough to pull Orschat's soul out of Jigoku, to guide another goblin hero named Gakochun.

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