Orochi Rider

An Orochi Rider

The Orochi Riders were worthy warriors who bound their souls together with an Orochi. The Orochi Riders had sworn to protect these creatures of Sakkaku until they were fully connected to Ningen-do and old enough to fend for themselves. [1]

Training Edit

They were exceptionally rare, numbering no more than a dozen at anyone time, and their numbers were beginning to wane few years after they were created.  They were oversaw and trained by the Storm Riders. [2]

Decommissioned Edit

Several months after the end of the War of Fire and Thunder, it was found that the first among the orochi to join the Mantis, Tsurayuki, was almost at the end of its term of servitude. Upon fulfilling its debt, Tsurayuki turned upon the Mantis vessels it had accompanied, destroying six and killing over a hundred men in the process. The Master Sensei of Tempest Island Temple, Moshi Sayoko, ordered the decommissioning of the Orochi Riders, and allowed the orochi to have freedom to roam the seas. [3]

Known Techniques Edit

Orochi Rider 2

An Orochi Rider

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