The Order of the Wind was a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei devoted to Kaze-no-kami, who was elevated by Hantei Genji as the Fortune of Winds. [1]

Beliefs Edit

The Brothers of Wind believed that the world was a naturally chaotic and unpredictable place, and this could not be changed. A Brother of Wind simply accepted it and remained resolute in the face of uncertainty. This belief granted them control over themselves and, in a limited way, over the world around them. [2]

Questioned Edit

The Order's senior monk, Mikaru was summoned by the Imperial Advisor shortly after the Order was founded, to defend accusations that his religious practices bordered on treason and sacrilege. Mikaru and the Shining Prince held dialogue, which was passed down in stories from generation to generation. All the Great Clans who atttended the court that day found different lessons in that moment, and they all took those lessons to heart. The Emperor officially recognized the Order of the Wind as acceptable. [3]

Theological Debate Edit

In the year 525 theological debate between Shintaoist and Fortunist sects over the Heresy of the Five Rings escalated into a brawl in the streets of Otosan Uchi between monks of the Four Temples and the Order of the Wind. [4]

Kaze-no-kami's Death Edit

During the Invasion of the Celestial Heavens the Fortune was slain by Fu Leng. [5] The monks did nothing more than spend a ceremonial day of meditation upon the matter. Since then the monks had carried on as before, believing the death of their icon nothing more than a perfect example of their philosophy. [6]

Known Technique Edit

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