Order of the Spider

Order of the Spider

The Order of the Spider was a sect of monks founded by Roshungi within the Spider Clan. The order eventually joined the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Order was created after the founding of the Spider Clan specifically in order to assist in their infiltration on Rokugani. As sohei they earned the most goodwill among the common people of Rokugan, spreading word of the Spider through their actions. The Order was based in the Chuda's new Temple of Venom, located within the Shinomen Mori. [1] The Order’s philosophy had a way of producing extremely strong-headed monks, a cadre of unstoppable fanatics, [2] and its greatest temple and training ground was the Shadowed Dojo. [3]

Leadership Edit

Roshungi led the order until his death during the burning of the Shinomen in 1170. [4] Leadership was continued by Michio who again dedicated the order's service to Daigotsu as Roshungi had once done. [5] Michio's successor as grandmaster of the order was Tetsuo. [6]

Public Name Edit

The Brotherhood of Shinsei had records of a monk order called Order of Venom. After the creation of the Spider, their sohei transformed the order into the Order of the Spider, but kept the other name in public.[7] After a time, a faction within the Order of Togashi had taken it upon themselves to discover the origin of these strange monks, followed by a handful of violent encounters in 1169. [8]

Spider Infiltration Edit

When Daigotsu decided to form the Spider Clan to infiltrate the Empire, he sent Roshungi to a small shrine in Nikesake, maintaining a low profile while recruiting new members to the Order. [9] When in 1171 during the War of Dark Fire the Army of Fire menaced the ancestral home of the Shiba family, Shiro Shiba, Shiba Yoma and Asako Kanta were aided by the Imperial Advisor Susumu to gather the Shiba Yojimbos from their charges withou any loss of face in court. The yojimbo were replaced by sohei of the Order of the Spider. With these additional forces the Phoenix achieved the victory in the Battle of the Burning Palace. [10]

Destroyer War Edit

The sohei made a surprise assault upon the Yobanjin Army of Fire's flank and disappeared immediately after pressing the barbarian detachment sufficiently to allow the Legion of Flame and an unit of Khol Regulars opportunity to retreat. [11] In 1172 a detachment of the Lady Doji's Eyes found a group of the Spider sohei. The monks were stalking a bandit gang who recently had kidnapped a Miya Herald, Miya Anzai. They decided to work together and killed the bandits rescuing the Imperial. [12]

Ambassadors at Rokugan Edit

After the Spider Clan was elevated to Great Clan status, the Order of the Spider represented the clan's interests in Rokugan. [13] They were also advisors to the Daigotsu, warriors, emissaries, or wandering combatants scouring the lands for bandits. [14]

Joining the Brotherhood Edit

With the reluctant endorsement of the Spider Clan by the Empress Iweko I, the Brotherhood of Shinsei was forced to accept the Order of the Spider as an organization in its ranks. [15]

Crab Attacks at Court Edit

The Crab Clan sought to destroy the Spider Clan, and in 1199 they used the Yasuki Courtiers to erode their influence in the courts. Their attacks against the Order of the Spider attracted the ire of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. The Susumu Daimyo Susumu Kuroko was sent to talk with the head abbot of the Brotherhood, who was receptive to the Spider plans to teach the Crab a lesson. [16]

Severing Spider Ties Edit

In 1200 the Order of the Spider severed their ties with the Spider Clan, after the majority of Daigotsu Kanpeki's followers went into hiding and embraced Jigoku. [17] The order swore fealty to Iweko II and proved their loyalty by shedding blood in defense of the Empire, fighting alongside the Crab. [18] They were hunted by bakemono for their betrayal of Kanpeki. [19]

Legends of the OrderEdit

Michio's DeathEdit

After the recognition of the Spider Clan as a Great Clan but before the rise of the Dark Naga, Michio's death became a legend. Villagers called him a hero according to the legend, because he had killed many of his enemies while wandering the Empire, many a gaijin and demon among them. When asked if he were Michio the great hero, he answered: "I am Michio the warrior. Only fools have heroes." Goemon, the Fortune of Heroes, is said to have taken offense, so he faced Michio. Both fought and finally Goemon was killed. Michio, who thereupon had no further challenges left in his life, decided to die and moved on to the spirit realms in search of new challenges. One villager, blinded during the combat by the blow that killed Goemon, was the only surviving witness of the fight. He joined the Order of the Spider. [6]

Known Masters Edit

Roshungi  ? - 1170
Michio 1170 - ?
Tetsuo  ? - Present

Known Techniques Edit

Brothers of the Spider were merciless opponents with a well-deserved reputation for brutality. Their training included devastating Hand-to-Hand styles and many Heavy Weapon techniques as well. [20]

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