The Order of the Shore was a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei devoted to Isora, the Fortune of the Seashore.

Tradition Edit

Monks who followed Isora leaned towards the tempestuous and the melancholy, as their patron was a mournful fortune, said to have lost her lover to the Lying Darkness centuries ago. Monks of Isora hoped that they might stand as an example for Isora, helping her to conquer her madness and set aside her tempestuous ways. They tended large fires in their temples and shrines, never extinguished even when threatened by the harshest storm. These fires served a dual purpose in both demonstrating the monks' dedication to their patron and providing a signal to those at sea, helping them avoid Isora's unfocused wrath. [1]


  1. Way of the Open Hand, p. 44

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