The Fortunism was the sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei who venerated the Seven Fortunes, and they believed that only through the refinement and cultivation of the mind could true enlightenment be gained. They told that the truest strength came not from the Fortunes, but from wisdom. The Fortunes were not meant to coddle mankind, but helped mortals in their quest for wisdom. As a result, these monks were among the most educated individuals in Rokugan. [1]

Origins Edit

The first large monastery for the Seven Fortunes was founded about one hundred years before the Fall of the Kami. It was built in Gisei Toshi devoted to the Seven Fortunes who had the greatest influence over the realm. The monks of the Seven Fortunes continued their practice of seclusion and passive contemplation until Shinsei's appearance. Their initial resent against the Little Teacher's teachings disappeared when the Emperor Hantei Genji merged the worship to the Fortunes with the Shinseism. [2]

Organization Edit

They were far more structured and traditional than other monk orders, and the Order had a structure of several subgroups within itself, one for each of the Seven Fortunes. [3] Fortunist monks focused on the Book of the Soul from the Tao of Shinsei, but their primary concern was the worship of the Fortunes. [4]

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