The Order of the Nameless Gift was a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, group of scholars and introspective thinkers, located on the southern edge of the Phoenix lands. [1] They resided at Kisada's Shrine, devoted to Kisada, the Fortune of Persistence. [2]

Origin Edit

In the 4th century an abbot, named Mako, had engaged in a years-long campaign of letters with his superior. Eventually, he declared his temple's official withdrawal from the Order of the Seven Thunders, breaking away over philosophical differences regarding the nature of humanity and the universe. [1]

Philosophical Views Edit

Mako believed that mortal will could shake the foundations of creation, so the gifts inherent to humanity could be unlocked by those unwilling or unable to attain enlightenment. He reasoned that the Seven Thunders were not merely expressions of fate and balance in the Celestial Order made flesh. They believed there was something unique and powerful within every human that was not merely the touch of divine origin, a nameless gift. [1]

Training Edit

The order delved into their secrets through physical rigor and endless trials of endurance. The serenity and enlightenment they gained by keeping their perceptions and expectations simple gives them insight, endurance, and expertise at the most unusual times. [3] A physically-oriented sect, who trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, prepared to endure painful blows, but far less militant than other sohei orders. The Order tended to attract retired samurai from the more physically-oriented clans, such as the Crab, the Mantis, and the Lion. [1] They sometimes traveled in search of libraries or to meet with renowned thinkers. [4]

Known Members Edit

Known Technique Edit

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