The Order of the Golden Arm was a monastic order devoted to Bishamon, the Fortune of Strength, that was housed at the Temple of the Golden Arm. [1]

History Edit

Founding Edit

After Asako Bushiken renounced the Asako Henshin, he wandered for three years before encountering the ruins of a temple to Bishamon near Toshi no Omoidasu. He found a purpose in restoring the temple, and set about making it his home. When taking some of the rubble to the village below to trade for fresh building supplies, he encountered ronin attacking a peasant. He defended the peasant with the first weapon to come to hand- the arm from a golden statue of Bishamon. Word of his action spread, and the peasant, the peasant's son, and some of their friends approached Bushiken, asking to become his followers. At first he refused, but relented when they aided him in rebuilding the temple. [2] Most of the original Golden Arm monks were students of the Order of the Thousand Fortunes. [3]

Rain of Blood Edit

During the Rain of Blood, the city was pillaged by corrupted Mantis. The Golden Arm protected the surviving citizens, rallying around Matsu Hitomi and the last few samurai defenders. Following the Rain, the Order concentrated on helping to rebuild the city. [4]

Joining the Asako Edit

In 1170 its founder was suddenly proclaimed the Asako Daimyo. His first act was to grant fealty to the Golden Arm monks. [4]

Destroyer War Edit

During the Destroyer War a special unit of Asako Inquisitors of the Golden Arm were set at the fight. They took a terrible toll upon the Destroyers. [5]

Known Tehcnique Edit


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