The Order of the Five Rings was a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei who followed the teachings of the monk Gorinno, who proposed the religious movement of Five Rings, Five Clans. [1]

Founding Edit

In the year 523 the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Kento announced the Lion would build a monastery dedicated to the study of Gorinno's teachings, thus effectively founding the Order of the Five Rings. [2]

Open Violence Edit

In the year 526, upon request of the Kuni Daimyo Kuni Watabe, Gorinno led his monk and peasant followers to help break the Siege of Shiro Kuni, but at a heavy cost. Despite their support, the Order of the Five Rings was expelled from Crab lands the next year. Gorinno's monks condemned the Fortunist monasteries as misguided and selfish, and soon open violence erupted between Shintaoist and Fortunist sects through the Empire. Dragon samurai were sent to act as peacekeepers between the rival factions. Their leader Gorinno is appointed as Imperial Advisor, and in 533 he used his station to silence any complaints in the open attacks of the Five Ring monks over Fortunist monks. [3]

Hawk Clan is Announced Edit

In 534 the Emperor Hantei XIII proclaimed the merged Crane/Scorpion “Clan of Air” would be known as the Hawk Clan. Five Rings felt confident enough to openly attack opposing samurai as well as monks from other sects, and violence escaleted throughout the Empire. Dragon peacekeeepers actively opposed the Five Rings monks, working to restore order and harmony. [4]

Disbanded Edit

The Brotherhood held a conclave to discuss the ongoing problems created by both the Order of the Five Rings and Gorinno's teachings. Their leader successfully rebuffed all attacks in the Imperial Court. The next year a delegation of the Brotherhood of Shinsei announced the Five Rings order was a False Path in front of the Emperor. Gorinno lose his on, threatening his followers would destroy his enemies' temples. The Emperor turned his back and Gorinno was banished from Otosan Uchi. His followers unleashed a wave of violent rebellion, which led to the Imperial Decree formally labeling the Order as heretical, and commanding it be permanently disbanded. [5]

Known Technique Edit

Known Members Edit

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