Chian 2

Chian, founder of the Order

The Order of Tengen was a monastic order of the Brotherhood of Shinsei created by the monk Chian, formerly known as the ninja Shosuro Chian. While actually dedicated to the Fortune of Literature, it was also a cover for a ninja school serving the Otomo family. Its agents would walk the Empire trying to detect threats to the Imperial Families and passing their messages through encoded plays or other literary texts. [1]

Tradition Edit

The Order of Tengen followed monastic traditions into which they inserted their own agenda. As monks they traveled all across the Empire to observe and record the works of playwrights everywhere, gathering intelligence at the same time for their own purposes. [2] Many Monkey Clan samurai who retired from service opted for the Order of Tengen. [3]

Training Edit

New members performed exercises that build mental and physical fortitude, alongside with study of philosophy and oratory. The Order was careful in its selection of members, inviting individuals that were already predisposed toward the temple's message. Finally, the brothers were trained in stealth and deception. [2]

Sensei Edit

Shosuro Chian served as its chief sensei for the entire duration of the organization's existence until he had to step down, selecting a new sensei from among his students. He had developed new kihos, Eyes of the Wind, and Whispers on the Wind. [4]

Known Sensei Edit

Known places with a Tengen monastery Edit

Known Technique Edit


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