The Order of Steel was a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei devoted to Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel. They were an offshoot of the Order of Osano-Wo. [1]

Tradition Edit

There were but three monasteries maintained by the order, although there had been talk of a fourth. Their members were monks, but only in the sense that they had abandoned their worldly goods and pursuit in exchange for devotion to what Xing Guo represented. The brothers did not pray or meditated to get the Fortune's favor, but continued with their patron art, skilled practitioners of smithing. The monasteries were known to have big forges were weapons were crafted. [2]

Training Edit

They believed that enlightenment could be achieved through the working of steel as their patron did in life and continous to do in Tengoku, their own impurities are purged just as they were purging the impurities from the steel. Initiates honed their bodies through the mining of raw ore, and senior members achieved purity through forging. They were let to touch the katana they crafted, though they would never use them against a living being, not even in self defense. [3]

Monasteries Edit

True Blade Monastery was one of their known temples, in the Twilight Mountains, [2] and it was another in the Spine of the World Mountains, located on the outskirts of an iron mine. [1]

Known Members Edit


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