The Order of Persistence was one of the newer orders of the Brotherhood of Shinsei in the 12th century. [1] They were devoted to Kisada, the Fortune of Persistence. [2] A sect of the Order of Osano-Wo became the new Fortune's first adherents. [3]

Creation Edit

In 1130 shortly after the death of the Great Bear, Hida Kisada was declared the Fortune of Persistence by the Emperor Toturi I, the first mortal granted Fortune status by Imperial edict in several centuries. Many elderly warriors shaved their heads to begin a new life as monks revering Kisada. The Brotherhood of Shinsei was granted numerous resources within Crab lands to aid in establishing this new order, giving rise to many new monasteries. [4]

Training Edit

The monks believed the ultimate test was to persevere in the face of adversity, rather than merely accepting it. [5] They taught that striking out on a path and pressing on to learn through experience, folly, and adaptation was the only way to enlightenment. Prayer and meditation were simply exercises to keep one on the path, requesting aid from the Fortune of Persistence was somewhat blasphemous. [6]

Known Members Edit

Known Technique Edit

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