The Order of Jurojin's Blessing was an order of the Brotherhood of Shinsei devoted to the treatment of diseases and to heal injuries. The order also gave shelter to many disfigured and crippled heimin. [1]

Founding Edit

The Order was created in the 7th century, to provide healing to those who suffered during the Great Famine. They also treated the members of the infamous People's Legion, and they were chased by the samurai who restored order in such difficult days. Almost crushed, they organized themselves more formally once the prosecution finished. [2]

Areas of Influence Edit

The small sect was concentrated largely in Phoenix lands and the Asahina provinces, spreading after the 9th century into the territories of the Unicorn. Their numbers grew throughout the 12th century, needed as never before in a shattered Rokugan. [2]

Off-Shoot Edit

A small, radical group call the Servants of Mercy did not wait for the fighting to end before they began to heal injuries. The newest development in the sect was an isolated monastery in Kuni lands which studied the so-called “false madness of Lord Moon”, insanity. The had the most limited success in their attempts to cure such ailments. [1]

Known Technique Edit


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