The Order of Isashi was founded by a group of ronin shugenja healers.

Founding Edit

Isashi was a ronin shugenja that appeared in the 8th century near the end of the second war against Iuchiban. He was the Rokugan's first combat medic healing the wounded and bringing final rest to the hopeless without regard for clan or station. When he was killed the healers formed the order in his name. [1]

Appearances Edit

They could be found most often near the Kaiu Wall, where war against the Shadowlands was constant and unending. [2] Its members constantly traveled across Rokugan, always going to the most war-torn and disaster-plagued regions. [3]

Techniques Edit

The Order of Isashi developed the Isashi's Gift technique [4] and the Isashi's Mercy. [5]


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