Brothers of Goemon

A Brother of Goemon's Order

The Order of Heroes were followers of the Tao, the Thunder Dragon, and the Fortune of Heroes, Goemon. [1]

Foundation Edit

The order was created in 1165, by the leader of the Strength's sect, Koan, when it was revealed that Matsu Goemon had become the Fortune of Heroes. It was an offshoot from a sect of the Order of Strength, devoted to Bishamon, dedicated to helping potential heroes to reach their true destiny. [2]

Heroes Edit

They believed that with the proper encouragement, any samurai could become a hero of legend to inspire and teach others. [1] Pivotal moments of history had been shaped by a few valiant souls with the courage and conviction to do what was right when the need arised. The brothers were scattered at temples throughout the Empire seeking out souls of worth, samurai who adhered to bushido and who lived lives that were exceptional, to give the opportunity to demonstrate their worth. [3] The Order of Heroes was small and remained so, for its adherents considered it vital to perform their role behind the scenes. [4] Among their ranks were found many retired Monkey Clan samurai. [5]

Training Edit

The center of the order was the village of Juujiro Mura, Crossroads Village, which once had been sacred to the Dragon of Thunder. [6] However, the monks of the Order mostly operated autonomously, usually in a pair forming a master/student relationship, seeking places of strife and potential heroes. They trained in martial skills and defensive fighting, and initiates were taught how to be able to recognize the potential honor and hidden talents of others. [4] The kiho To the Last Breath was popular among them, which allowed the monks to restore spiritual strength to those who had reached their own limits. [7]

Champion of Bushido Edit

In 1165 the order gathered seven samurai who defended Crossroads Village and proved they had represented the virtues of Bushido, becoming the Champions of Bushido. [8]

Known Technique Edit

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