The Order of Courageous Reflection was a Shintao sect established in the monastery Yaruki Jukko. [1]

Teachings Edit

They combined the study of the Tao of Shinsei with the Code of Bushido. They defended the heimin of Rokugan from bandits, sought out criminal elements to eliminate, and trained peasants in the arts of self-defense. [2]

Beliefs Edit

The order believed that meditating before a reflective surface, as a mirror, was the only true path to self-enlightenment. [1]

Scorpion Infiltration Edit

Before Shiro no Meiyo was seized by the Lion Clan the Scorpion established an operative. They infiltrated Shosuro Actors in the order for generations, waiting the time they would strike against the invaders. [3]

Wiped Out Edit

In 1120 the Scorpion unleashed his old plan. The resident monks were slaughtered by the Lion garrison of Kenson Gakka, mistakenly accused of an infant's abduction. Shortly after the temple was destroyed by Scorpion forces, in their way to retake the former Scorpion fortress during the Battle of the Humble Turtle. Only its shinpu, Tankenka, survived. [4] The order was rebuilt at Otosan Uchi. [3]


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