The Order of Chikai was one of the most oldest and most prestigious institutions within the Shiba family, and was an elite cadre of hand-selected bushi who served primarily as yojimbo for the Council of Five. Founded after the tragic death of Shiba Chikai, this august group took its name from that most revered of warriors and had continued in her tradition for centuries. [1] Many had already served with the most elite
units of the Shiba Army, such as the Shiba House Guard. [2]

Tasks Edit

Although the Order regarded its primary duty as the protectors of the Council of Five, yet that was not their only task. They were limited in what they could accomplish, however, as there were never more than three dozen members at any one time, with fully one-third of that number in training. Each member of the Order must locate and train a suitable replacement should he fall in battle, and this was what is known as a Master-Student pair. At any given time one master-student pair from the Order protected each of the Elemental Masters in addition to the that Master's own yojimbo. Additionally, one pair was assigned to the daimyo of each of the other Phoenix families with another pair to each of the family's ancestral estates. The remaining twelve members were sensei to those students who did not belong to a Master-Student pair. The Order also served as personal yojimbo to any important guests. Many aspired to be a member of this famous institution but only a few were able to become members of the Order. [1]

Known Feats and Techniques Edit

Known members Edit


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