Oracle of Air

Oracle of Air

The Oracle of Air was the representative of the Dragon of Air in Rokugan, and over the years was many different people.

Cursing Morikage Castle Edit

The legends said that the Oracle of Air placed a curse upon the Morikage Toshi in 782. It was said that the Oracle's daughter, a Dragon Clan bride, had been scorned by Shiba Kojiro. The curse had kept the palace empty for centuries. [1]

9th century New Oracle Edit

When the heir of the Phoenix Clan Champion Shiba Toriiko was young, her beloved aunt became the Oracle of the Wind. [2]

11th century Edit

In the 11th century the Oracle of Air selected Naka Kuro as the Grand Master of the Elements. [3]

Doji Hanae Edit

Doji Hanae

Doji Hanae

Doji Hanae was known to have been the Oracle of Air during the beginning of the 12th century. [4] Isawa Kaede had been two times in the oracle's home, and each time in a different palace. Both were tremendous structures with glowing globes of starlight, suspended among the winds many li above the ground, moving with the clouds. [5]

Flight of the Dragons Edit

In 1127 during the Clan War, several Black Scrolls were opened, disturbing the Celestial Order. The Elemental Dragons withdrew from Rokugan and their Oracles went into hiding. The Oracles of Darkness twisted the power of a different element releasing the Elemental Terrors, whose spawn appeared elsewhere. Decided to counteract their corrupted counterparts, Asako Shingon and Iuchi Yogosha were brought to create a set of Elemental Nemuranai. The Oracles rested knowing the balance had been achieved. [6]

Toturi's Murderer Edit

The Oracle of Air had taken residence in the destroyed Sunset Tower, where she was visited in 1158 by Toturi Sezaru, the Wolf. Toturi's son had set a quest to find his father's murderer. Sezaru found out that his father's killer was Fushin. He also learned that Daigotsu summoned the Onisu. Upon learning where to find the Oracle of Earth Sezaru left. [7]

Asahina Aoshi Edit

Asahina Aoshi

Asahina Aoshi

Exactly how the change of Oracle came about was unknown, but the Oracle of Air after Hanae was Asahina Aoshi. [8] With the Oracle of Thunder she was one of the Oracle who returned to Ningen-do while the rest of Oracles of Light remained out of the mortal realm. [9]

Isawa Koizumi Edit

Isawa Koizumi

Isawa Koizumi

After twenty years of peace under the rule of Iweko I, the Celestial Order had been restored and Ningen-do was again neutral. In 1199 the Elemental Dragons prepared the return of the Oracles of Light, as well as the Dark Oracles, permitted leave from the depths of Jigoku by their master, Daigotsu. [10] The Oracles of Light held a new Conclave of Light to discuss the affairs of the Heavens and of men for the first and last time [11] in the year 1200, and Isawa Koizumi was the new Oracle of Air. [12]

Location Edit

The Oracle of Air resided in the Flowing Tower. [13]

Known Oracle of Air Edit

Shiba Toriiko's aunt (c. 827)
Doji Hanae Early 12th century - ?
Asahina Aoshi  ? - 1200
Isawa Koizumi 1200 - Present

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