Opium War
Location: Ryoko Owari Toshi
Date: 1122
Major Forces:
Bayushi cartel,
Shosuro cartel,
Soshi cartel,
Ide Michikane's family
Bayushi Korechika,
Shosuro Hyobu,
Soshi Seiryoku,
Ide Baranato
Battles of Rokugan

The Opium War in 1122 started when the three major opium cartels in Ryoko Owari Toshi, the City of Lies, turned on each other after manipulation by outside forces. For several weeks entire rows of warehouses were burned down and many deaths were reported under mysterious circumstances. The violence continued until the Emerald Magistrates of the city hunted down the responsible parties and brought the war to an abrupt end. [1]

Engineering Edit

The war was engineered by Ide Baranato, head of the city's Unicorn Clan, after the loss of his son, Ide Michikane, who had died from a opium overdose. [2]

Plan within plans Edit

The real engineers were the Dajan's Kolat, a splinter sect of the true Kolat. [3] After six years of careful planning they had the leader of the opium Shosuro cartel, Soshi Seiryoku, as their obliged accomplice, and they were who killed Michikane forcing him to drink Liquid Void. A kolat agent masqueraded Baranato's most rusted advisor and together, Baranato and this master of lies, crafted a plan to destroy the opium trade in Rokugan. [4]

War Edit

Baranato's plan was to use the inherent mistrust of the Scorpion cartels to begin a war between gangs. A serie of attacks were made on the three opium cartels, the Bayushi cartel, the Shosuro cartel, and the Soshi cartel. In each of them the assailants disguised or set tracks that would lead to another of the cartels. All of them saw as if the rest were attacking them, and began the retaliation. All the three cartels were hampered, many warehouses were burned, and some of the most prominent of their figures died or were disgraced. The Unicorn conspiracy was uncovered as well. [5]

Aftermath Edit

Prices on everything go up which created civil unrest and riots. Nobles instead peaceful opium doze they got really drunk and sometimes violent. Without easy opium money, lots of former smugglers turn to piracy or robbery. It was unclear if the opium trade in Rokugan was really affected after the order was restored. [6]

Known deaths Edit


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