Opium smokers

Opium smokers

Opium was a narcotic drug made from poppies [1] and the most powerful painkiller known to Rokugan. There are claims that it was discovered by the Unicorn Clan during the Ki-Rin's Exodus and that they used it to alleviate the effects of hunger and thirst, [2] but there were also references to Opium existing in the Empire before this time. For instance, Daidoji Tsukuro was noted as having turned to opium in the 5th century[3] Most probably the Unicorn brought back the plant. [4]

Drug Edit

Opium Smokers 2

Opium Smokers

The Scorpion Clan quickly realized it was a profiable recreational drug, despite its drawback was opium consumption also impeded any physical, mental, and spiritual activities. The Shosuro family discovered that smoke opium was much better than the previous dilute pill form. [5] The smokable form of opium was called Dragon's Breath. [6] The Shosuros later found a way to purify opium and suspend it in an alcohol solution, making a drinkable form, [5] called Liquid Void. [7]

Forbidden Edit

In the 10th century happened a wave of addiction and the Emperor declared opium illegal except for medical purposes. Smokable or drinkable opium was completely illegal. Despite it's illegal status, it was not rare for some samurai to secretly indulge in it's use. It became a tolerated vice. [8]

Effects Edit

The drug was not fatal, and its consumers wished to lie back, harm no one, and hear the 'dragons sing'. Opium did not kill the body, but it killed the soul, leaving empty carcasses where once there were men. [6]

Trade Edit

The raw opiate was brought up the road from Pokau to Shiro no Soshi, where it was cooked, mixed and altered in the underground levels of the castle. Once the final product was ready, it was shipped to Pokau by caravan or down­ river to Ryoko Owari Toshi from a secret port just east of the castle, escorted by Soshi Shugenja and ninja, to be received under cover of night. [9] The Scorpion clan run most of the opium trade, both legal and illegal, mostly through Ryoko Owari. There it was processed, shipped throughout the country, so opium could be obtained in special opium houses which operated through shadies sake houses and geisha houses. [10] The opium trade was monopolized by three cartels, which maintained periodical meeting between their leaders to settle any issues between them. [11]

Known opium cartels Edit

Opium Smoker

Opium smoker


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