Open Eye Dojo was built as Agasha Kitsuki's first order after he became Daimyo of his newly formed Kitsuki family. It taught the Kitsuki Magistrate, Kitsuki Investigator, [1] and Kitsuki Gamester schools. [2]

Appearance Edit

The dojo was a plain-looking structure to the north in Kitsuki lands, near the edge of the Dragon provinces, [1] right next to Shiro Kitsuki[3]

Tradition Edit

Because the Kitsuki were a family who served as the diplomatic force of the Dragon, many young Kitsuki spent a season or two in the lands of the most important courtier families such as the Doji, Ide, or even the Bayushi, as a way to keep good terms. [4]

Training Edit

A student was trained to remember every detail he had seen in a scene, recording a daily journal with their findings. They trained in the use of a sword in the Iaijutsu style, a common necessity in fulfilling their duties and backing up their testimony. They were taught how to find evidences, or to look for patterns, and before their gempukku the students would spend a season accompanying an elder of the family to Winter Court. A ritual testing included to find the center of the garden of Kyuden Togashi, which was shaped as maze. [5]

Sensei Edit

They sensei of this small family usually were old or physically handicapped. The Master sensei was picked from the lesser sensei by anonymous vote. [5]

Known Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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