Onyx Championship

Onyx Championship contender

The Onyx Champion was the highest ranking shugenja among the Spider Clan, a position created in 1170. It was a dark mirror of the Jade Champion, and its first holder was Isawa Fosuta. [1] Since the Spider joined the Empire, the position was not anymore part of the new Great Clan.

Duties Edit

Daigotsu had commanded that military domination is not sufficient for the Spider's ultimate plan to succeed. If victory was truly to be theirs, then the Spider had not only to hold the Empire, but transform it as well. Toward that end, the Obsidian Champion, Daigotsu Hotako, had commanded all who seek to serve her as chief shugenja to participate in a grand tournament. The victor should be responsible not only for the corruption of the Empire, but for converting the weak-willed fools of Rokugan to the worship of the Dark Kami, Fu Leng. This individual, this Onyx Champion, should be the mouthpiece of a god in a hostile Empire, a voice of reason that leads the sheep of Rokugan to the true light of Fu Leng's grace.[2]

Challenges Edit

As was customary amongst the Spider the Onyx Champion and Obsidian Champion were expected to defend their titles by deadly duels. A challenger who bested the current office holder thus wrested the Championship from him or her. [3]

These lethal duels weren't clean and honourable affairs, because there weren't clear-cut rules as to what was acceptable. Intimidation, distractions, poison and unnoticeable magic were known to have influenced the outcome. [3] [4]

Baboon as Badge of Office Edit

The first Onyx Champion, Isawa Fosuta used to keep a baboon. It followed him around and became associated with the fallen Inquisitor. The animal played an essential role in Fosuta's duel with Takasho and was killed by maho, while his master fled to escape death by his challenger's hand. [4] Once he claimed the title of Onyx Champion, Takasho also kept a baboon around, but his was created from dark magic and resembled a monstrous ape. [5]

Takasho's baboon was a manifestation of dark sorcery, some sort of an independent familiar. It had become a badge of office for the Onyx Champion. [6]

Yearly Tournament Edit

Daigotsu commanded the Onyx Champion to hold an annual tournament to see if it was possible to defend their title and retain their position. All among the Lost who hungered for power and influence were free to try and take the positions by force, if they so desired. [7]

Rogue Title Edit

Since the Spider joined the Empire, the Onyx Champion was not anymore part of the new Great Clan. It was claimed by rogue shugenja who lusted for power. [8]

Onyx Champions Edit

Onyx Dueling Circle

The Onyx Dueling Circle

Isawa Fosuta 1170 - 1172
Takasho 1172 - (c. 1198)
Kitsune Kichi (c. 1199) - 1200
Yogo Ameiko 1200 - Present

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