Tamayu no Oni was an oni of the Shadowlands.

Abilities Edit

Tamayu no Oni could take many names at once, forming dominant links to dozens of maho-tsukai. Tamayu had a number of arms equal to its number of bonded victims. The victim's name must be offered up voluntarily, often when they were too young to know better. [1]

Hantei destruction Edit

Tamayu no Oni possessed the maho-tsukai Agasha Enshoku, in the hopes of destroying the Hantei line. Masquerading as a Crane maiden named Kakita Edako, Enshoku was chosen to be married to Hantei XXII in 743. The Emperor's life was saved by Akodo Shimizu who exposed and killed Enshoku. [2]

Corrupting Shimizu family Edit

When Shimizu thwarted its plan, the oni became obsessed with the destruction of the Shimizu family. It was eventually summoned by Shimizu Tamayu after his failed assault on Ikoma Kuniomi's lands in 827. The Lion Lord sold the souls of his family to pay his own ambitions. Since then, for five generations, the Shimizu family served their oni, which built a private army of maho-tsukai, for a renewed attempt against the emperor. [3]

Defeated Again Edit

A Shimizu descendant took the name of Akodo Giri, and aided by Kitsu magic fell upon the Shimizu family and slaughtered them down to the youngest child. Tamayu no Oni sought revenge against Giri's descendants, though they have proven incorruptible so far. [1]

The Shimizu had been helped by the Tsuno to create the nightmare oni, but the process it was revealed as imperfect. Binding demons to nightmare was ineffective, and at the worst possible moment the oni they had given to the Shimizu had raged out of control. [4]

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