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Tadaka no Oni 
Tadaka no Oni 
Born: 1127 
Died: 1128 
Died after return: -

Tadaka no Oni was the oni summoned during the Clan War by four of the Elemental Masters, Isawa Kaede not participating.

Appearence and Abilities Edit

Tadaka no Oni had large green slugs with tentacles and sharp fang, floating lazily in the air. [1] These repulsive creatures had small, ineffective legs and pincers line the length of its body. An aura of unease radiated from the oni; shugenja were especially affected by the agitation. The creature did not like expending energy to attack its opponents, taking great pains to avoid combat. [2]

Captive Oni Edit

Ruins of Yanubei Edit

During the Clan War Asako Yasu and the Master of Earth Isawa Tadaka left for the Ruins of Yanubei, an early stronghold of the Isawa, destroyed by Shadowlands creatures in the War Against Fu Leng. There they found the knowledge to Summon Oni. [3]

Seeking Knowledge Edit

Tadaka no Oni 2

Captive Oni

In the Month of the Boar of 1127 [4] Tadaka nominated himself to be the one who gave his name to the oni, as he believed he would be strongest in resisting its will. The other masters consented. [5]

Named Oni Edit

Yasu and Tadaka began the ritual, but the Oni's will was overwhelming elder Yasu. Tadaka's sister, Isawa Kaede, joined them and with her support the resistance of the demon was broken. Tadaka bargained with the oni, which sank its teeth into Tadaka's right shoulder, drawing away blood, flesh and bone. Tadaka no Oni had been created. [3] With the powers drawn from the Black Wind From the Soul, Tadaka tortured the oni, [6] who was a source of information on the Shadowlands and boosted the magical power of the Elemental Masters, but this increase of power came at a price. [1]

Anvil of Despair Location Edit

Tadaka no Oni revealed the location of the Anvil of Despair, a powerful nemuranai sought by the Shadowlands. A band of Inquisitor were immediately dispatched to take custody of the anvil. [7]

Tadaka's Name Redeemed Edit

In the early winter of 1128, Shiba Tsukune became frustrated with the corruption of Tadaka. She barged through the guards protecting the oni for study and killed the beast with one blow, releasing part of Tadaka's soul. Isawa Uona confronted Tsukune, but Tsukune condemned the Elemental Masters for their descent into corruption, regardless of the reward. [8]

Rebirth Edit

In 1169 Daigotsu summoned Tadaka under his will from the Jigoku during the Time of Demons. He unleashed Tadaka no Oni against its kin. [9]

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Tadaka no Oni 3

Tadaka no Oni

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