Oni Mura

Oni Mura

Demon Village (CN15) in the Anshin province [1] was completely deserted, and even though the fields were still tended by the heimin they refused to live in the village. Their fear was that an oni that ravaged the village decades ago might still be living within the town's stone enclosure. The heimin resorted to living in huts built in the surrounding forest. [2]

Haunted by Gaki Edit

Oni Mura 2

Oni Mura (CN15)

Several years before the Clan War, an army of oni and goblins attacked the village. While the Shadowlands forces were eventually defeated, the town never truly recovered, something had altered the land's spirit. Villagers sickened or went mad; the wise moved away. A powerful band of gaki, the collective spirits of countless Asahina who died in combat during the Clan War, War Against the Shadow, and War of Spirits, had made it a haunted village. [3]

The Nezumi Shaman Edit

A nezumi shaman, one of the last Rememberers of his race, began a ritual that dispelled the curse haunting the village. The curse was kept at bay through his tireless chanting, and locals feared that if he ever stopped the curse would return. [4]

Cleansing the village Edit

In 1160 Jade Champion Asahina Sekawa was aware of the spirits and their origins, but he had thus far been unable to find a way to purge its presence from the city. [3] Kakita Himoto, Ikoma Korin, and Hiruma Todori joined efforts to cleanse Oni Mura in 1169. [5]

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The numbering of the Crane Holdings is from North to South, but in Secrets of the Crane page 96 interchanged CN15 and CN16, placing CN16 in a more northern location than CN15. Game Master's Guide 2nd Edition page 28 displays the correct places, CN15 Oni Mura, CN16 Wall Above the Ocean Village. --Oni no Pikachu (talk) 23:57, July 28, 2012 (UTC)


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