Oneiyara was a one-eye duelist and kensai ronin.

Carving his Own Destiny Edit

Oneiyara honed his skills, expecting to be a swordsman worthy to be admitted in a Great Clan dojo. In 1199 he was practicing in a dojo of the Second City, when he was met by happenstance by a samurai. They pondered about Oneiyara's dreams, and the men, who later was revealed as the Imperial Heir Iweko Seiken, suggested Oneiyara to find a sensei, to make himself into an image of that teacher. [1]

Defeat Edit

Saeki defeats Oneiyara

Oneiyara is defeated by Saeki

Oneiyara was ashamed by the defeat in the personal duel with Shinjo Saeki, who had challenged him because the ronin's behavior with the peasants had displeased the magistrate. [2]

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