One Tribe

One Tribe

One Tribe was an alliance of Nezumi tribes founded by Kan'ok'ticheck in 1165 [1] to fight the Tsuno and the Stained Paw Tribe. [2]

History Edit

Warrens of the One Tribe 2

Warrens of the One Tribe

Council of Tribes Edit

In 1165 the elders of five tribes come together in the sacred Meeting Place. Chipped Tooth, Crippled Bone, Green-Green-White, Tattered Ear, and Third Whisker Tribes chose Kan'ok'ticheck as the Chief of Chiefs to destroy the Stained Paw Tribe, that marched with the Shadowlands. [3]

Grasping Paw Join the Alliance Edit

This year stumbling upon an attack on the Crippled Bone by the Stained Paw, ascouting pack of the Grasping Paw entered the fray and eliminated several Tsuno Soultwisters. The Tribe agreed to enter the alliance after the scouts related the tale. [3]

Fighting the Tsuno Edit

The Battle of One Tribe in 1166 was their first victory as unified tribe. Shortly after the battle the Stained Paw joined the One Tribe. [4]

The One Tribe is Formed Edit

After the Battle of One Tribe the Crooked Tail, Blue Fur, Crimson Paw, Squeaky Eyeball, and many other tribes hailed Kan'ok'ticheck and his council of tribes as great heroes. K'mee declared that the One Tribe had been recreated at long last. [3]

Fighting the Unicorn Edit

Unexpected attacks from the Unicorn in the warrens of the Tattered Ear Tribe in the Shinomen Forest [5] led in the Winter War in 1168. [6]

Realtions with the Empire Edit

Kan'ok'tichek was outraged when Daigotsu Soetsu was accepted as a guest in the human courts. Many among the One Tribe began to doubt the benefits of an ongoing alliance with the humans. [7]

Tomorrow's Hourglass Edit

In 1168 Oh-krch took an hourglass from the Tomb of the Seven Thunders. He brought it back to be presented to the Chief of Chiefs Kan'ok'ticheck. Atch-zin concluded that it was Tomorrow which was coming. Kan'ok'ticheck decided the One Tribe would stand together. If they defeated it they would not be lost into memory. [8]

Tomorrow Edit

The history of the One Tribe ended with the nezumi being trapped in Yume-do, after they defeated the Tomorrow. [9]

Tribes of the Alliance Edit

Known members of the alliance;

Imperial Court Edit

Warrens of the One Tribe

Warrens of the One Tribe

The One Tribe got an emissary at the court, to be involved in the human politics. The first ambassador was Zin'tch. [10]

Chieftains Edit

The following were the known chieftains of the One Tribe:

Kan'ok'ticheck 1165 - Trapped in Yume-do in 1169

External Links Edit


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