Born: Unknown 
Died: 1132 as Kaleel's vessel 
Parents: Sylmun,

Onaja was the first child born within the Ashalan race for six centuries. [1]

Prophecy Edit

Her parents, Sylmun and Bakira, knew the fate of the child was bound to an ancient prophecy, the Awakening. [2] Unknown to her parents, she was also, the conduit that Ajbar ibn Kaleel and the Jinn of Infinite Eyes had intentionally created to give the Jinn Lord Kaleel a way back into the mortal realm. [3] In 1132 they tried to flee from Medinaat al-Salaam before the sun set, but the Senpet guards kept the gates closed. [4]

Kidnapped Edit

Kaleel, the prince of the dark jinn sent his brother Ajbar to kidnap the infant. The parents were defeated by the powerful jinn. [5] Marishka, a former member of the Assassins, tended the infant as his midwife, [6] until the Jinn of Infinite Eyes transformed Onaja in the vessel for Kaleel. [3] [7]

Kaleel vessel Edit

The Kaleel's Legion had aided her parents to have the child, and after the infant was kidnapped, Kaleel, sequestered within Onaja's small form, commanded them. [8]

External Links Edit

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