Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Omigawa was a monk kensai of the Spider Clan. He was a master sensei of the clan's sohei.

Destroyer War Edit

Omigawa and his fellow monks fought in the Destroyer War. He would frequently taunt his would-be allies even while defending them from the minions of Kali-Ma. After the war the tainted members of his Clan moved to the Colonies while Omigawa was permitted to remain in the empire, a wondering monk who demonstrated the superiority of his martial technique. Eventually, he chose to travel to the Colonies. [1] He learned secret techniques of the Brotherhood of Shinsei from Yunmen, the Whisper, and in turn he passed the knowledge to Sora. [2]

Imperial Governor Escape Edit

Omigawa, alongside Yoritomo Saigo and Bayushi Shizuka, were involved in the escape of the Imperial Governor of the Colonies Otomo Suikihime, who was sought by Imperial forces after the Siege of the Second City. [3]

Suikihime's Sanction Edit

Suikihime was hidden in a large village, where she devised how to kill the Fudoist threat. Bayushi Shizuka, a well-dressed man native of the Ivory Kingdoms, Omigawa, and Asako Karachu were her command staff. Maps with movements of the Fudo cult displayed the areas where the cultists attacked the Fallen, only to be killed in turn by agents sent by Suikihime. The former governor eventually surrendered herself to Hiruma Tenshin, an agent of Ivory Champion Shinjo Tselu, and returned to the Second City. [4]

Madness in the Colonies Edit

Omigawa kills Natsumi

Omigawa kills Natsumi

When madness spread unchecked in the Colonies Omigawa left the border of the Plains of Glass to put to rest all the disorder surrounding the province. [5] He was aided by Kakita Seishi in an important investigation, a matter that could help uncover the cause of the violence unleashed in the colonies. This investigation led them to a hidden glade, overlooked by a temple to Fudo. This glade was sacred to a malevolent ryu, [6] Natsumi, [7] who took offense at their presence. Seishi died defending Omigawa from a blow that was meant for him. Omigawa returned to the Second City with her body, so a memorial could be celebrated for Seishi. [6]

Egged Edit

Omigawa met and was impressed by a Mantis courtier named Yoritomo Saigo, who did not hesitate to further his clan's goals by any means necessary. On travels outside the Second City, Omigawa often accompanied Saigo as a confidant and yojimbo. [1] Somehow Saigo used an Egg of P'an Ku upon Omigawa, during his time at Journey's End City. It was unclear if Saigo was a doppelganger or the true Saigo. [8]

Death Edit

Omigawa's Death

Omigawa's Death

During the incidents that happened during P'an Ku's madness in the Colonies in 1199 Omigawa was killed by Moshi Umiko. [9]

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