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RPG Information Edit



Omen, Oracle of Jade

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Kuni Shugenja / 4
Dojo Kuni Wastelands
Honor 3.4
Glory 0.0 (Has no past or history)
Air 5 Earth 6 Fire 3 Water 3 Void 6
Reflexes 5 Stamina 6 Agility 3 Strength 3
Awareness 5 Willpower 6 Intelligence 3 Perception 3

Advantages Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Carapace, Flight, shapeshifting in a lesser Jade Dragon, Magic Resistance, Oracle Abilities/Restrictions, Teleportation.

Skills Edit

Calligraphy 2
Defense 4
Jitte 2
Kenjutsu 1
Lore Maho 6
Lore: Shadowlands 6
Medicine 4
Meditation 4
Nezumi Language 3
Shintao 3
Yari 4

Spells Edit

Commune, Earthquake, Evil Ward, Fires From the Forge, Hands of Clay, Hands of Jurojin, Heart of the Inferno, Jade Eternal, Jade Strike, Path to Inner Peace, Preservation, Sense, Strength of the Crow, Summon, The Ties That Bind, Tomb of Jade, Walk Without Passing, Wings of Fire.

Note: Italics are Innate Abilities.

Major References Edit

  • Secrets of the Crab, page 54

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