Omen's Crimson Spear
Te'tik'kir 1
Created by: Te'tik'kir
First used by: Omen
Currently in the possession of: Omen

Omen's Crimson Spear was the spear that was given to the Oracle of Jade Omen by the ratling nameseeker Te'tik'kir after it had been brought before the rat by Hida Hio. The spear was said to slow the spread of taint to whomever wielded it. [1] [2]

Powers Edit

Since becoming Oracle of Jade, Omen became able to grant the spear's blessings on others by touching them with the blade. The spear loses all of its powers for one week when he did so, but persons so touched were protected as if they were carrying the spear during this time. [3]

Omen 1

Omen holding the Crimson Spear


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