Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Ikoma Jun

Ikoma Jidai was a bushi of the Lion Clan who retired as the monk Omeiyo.

Family Edit

Jidai bore a son, Ikoma Jun, who seemed curse. He was surveyed by the Kitsu, who absolved him. Eventually Jidai had given up and sent Jun to train with the Ikoma Bards. [1]

Gakka Province Edit

During a rift for the control of the Gakka province, Akodo Unmei was the commander of the Lion forces which would confront the Scorpion. He would counter the terror unleashed by the infamous enemy general, Bayushi Konitsu, with his own. [2] Jidai proved he could defeat his enemy with his own techniques, deception and surprise. He deployed his units in a way that allowed his cavalry to take the upperhand. [1] Konitsu combined control of the army and stewardship of the province as its new daimyo after the death of his twin sister, the rikugunshokan Bayushi Kiwadoi. The suddenly prominent Konitsu chose Doji Seiyami as wife, the Doji maiden responsible for his sister's death. The Bayushi command staff seized Abbot Ayushen's Taoist temple located in a strategic site as their new headquarters for this war, to entrench his forces there. Konitsu expected Jidai to be a pious man, one who could not attack such a virtuous target. [3]

Retirement Edit

Jidai agreed with Kitsu Domen, the other chief advisor, to consider blasphemous Unmei's plan to assault a Taoist temple seized by their enemies, located in a strategic site. The Bayushi command staff had been placed there, as their new headquarters for this war. Eventually Jidai was dismissed and shaved his head, as the monk Omeiyo, while Ummei stormed the temple and killed the Scorpion there to a man. [4]

Abbot Edit

The Lion had tainted themselves with dishonor in order to achieve mere temporal victory on the field. Some requested Unmei's seppuku for his actions, but he refused. His son Jun, as political leader of the Lion efforts, gave up all rights to the captured domain. Omeiyo was appointed as the new abbot of the restored Taoist temple. Omeiyo's first action would force the Scorpion to retaliate against the Lion incursion into Gakka province. The Abbot had paved the way for restitution for this upheaval of the Celestial Order, restitution through vengeance and further bloodshed. [5]


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