The Old Quarter of Broken Wave City was only “old” in the sense that it was the islands original settlement. The original docks were also located here, taking full advantage of the shelter offered by the Bay of Thunder. Following the city's later expansion, the Old Quarter became the most desirable real estate around. The quarter contained Kyuden Kumiko, the embassies as well as the wealthiest of the city’s populace. The road leading down from the castle to the Great Pier was only used by the most important visitors or delegations. [1]

Phoenix Embassy Edit

Almost all buildings on Kaigen's Island have a dark, somber feel to them due to the volcanic stone readily available. One very notable exception was the Phoenix embassy, which was constructed out of white marble at great expense. Lavishly-appointed, it hovered on the very border of being pretentious, almost entirely down to the actions of the Ambassador Shiba Sayoko. Sayoko harboured deep resentment towards the Mantis for the outcome of the War of Fire and Thunder, but the Mantis preffered to carefully avoid comment.[2]

House of the Golden Mist Edit

The House of the Golden Mist was a tea house which offered it's clients significant anonymity, allowing them to engage in all manner of behaviour without losing on.Only the wealthiest and most well connected could gain access to this place and its services.[2]


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