Okuyaki (U23)

Okuyaki (U23) in the Kaihi province [1] was a village that only claimed eight permanent structures of any importance and other buildings, mostly gers and huts, came and go as the years passed. [2] The populace was transient, with only a small number residing permanently to tend the fields, the local shrine, and the inn. [3]

Appearance Edit

The village was built on the side of an empty stretch of road, surrounded by rice fields, a collection of random buildings than a planned settlement. Many traveled through here to get to Seikitsu Pass, but few bothered to stop. The few who did stop are usually slick-talking men who try to part the backwards villagers from their hard earned profits. For this reason there were Unicorn samurai stationed here to prevent it, although those samurai stationed here saw it more as a punishment than a duty. [4]

Trade Edit

The Iuchi were not exceptionally skilled at managing commerce, and did not take any real advantage of the increase in traffic through the region since the Seikitsu Pass was opened. [2]


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