Okiku was an ubume, a female mourning ghost in the tale Okiku and the Nine Plates. [1]

Phoenix Version Edit

Uncovering a plot Edit

Okiku was a maidservant of the Asako. She heard a group of samurai led by the Rikugunshokan Aoyama to kill the Asako Daimyo and lord of Kyuden Asako. She informed her samurai lover who informed the Daimyo. But the plot was foiled without directly implicating Aoyama and he was merely demoted. [2]

Death Edit

Aoyama schemed for months, and eventually involved Okiku with stealing a porcelain dish under Okiku's responsibility. Okiku fled when she discovered it was gone, as a guilty. She was caught by Aoyama's cronies, tortured to death, and her body was thrown into one of the castle wells, fouling it and making it unfit to drink from. Her body was soon found, and Aoyama convicted of her murder. [3]

After Death Edit

Okiku's spirit was strong and his voice could be heard every night near the well, counting the plates and looking for the missing one. A small shrine was built to honor Okiku near the well. Most of the Asako think of her a brave woman who sacrificed her life for her lord, and for this reason her spirit has never been driven from the castle. Many of the servants throw an occasional offering into Okiku's well. [3]

Dragon Version Edit

Mirumoto Aoyama was a Lord called “the Victorious”, who boasted many victories in battle and duels within the court. He was rewarded by the Dragon Clan Champion with a beautiful servant, Okiku, and ten golden plates. Aoyama in his dotage he had become greedy, selfish, and quite lecherous, who wished to make Okiku his lover. He hid one of the ten golden plates, which she polished every night, and let Okiku believe that she had carelessly lost the gift. The servant refused to become his lover in return for Aoyama to overlook the matter, and she was killed by the guards. This night and every other one after this Okiku's soul returned to clean each golden plate again and again, counting one to nine and screeching at the number ten. Aoyama could not rest and an Ise Zumi monk said that in order for the spirit to leave, Aoyama must repent. He confessed his crimes and this night she shouted TEN! as Okiku's count neared the end, and the spirit vanished. Aoyama was sent away in disgrace and never seen again. [4]


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