Born: Unknown 
Died: Month of the Rooster of 1123

Ojo was a descendant of Shinsei, and grandfather to the heimin who would be known as the Hooded Ronin. He lived on the rice paddy in Imperial lands. His grandson lost his father early, and Ojo raised him. Each winter season the boy was moved to the Four Temples and taught by monks. [1]

Death Edit

In 1123 the Scorpion Coup was in motion, and Matsu Agetoki arrived to the village, making a forced levy. Ojo begged Agetoki not to take his grandson, and the samurai refused curtly, kicking him in the chest, causing the elder's death. Not wanting to draw attention to his overzealous behavior, Agetoki moved on with a few of the villagers. This year his grandson would know his true lineage and ancestral duty by the Head of the Brotherhood of Shinsei himself, Tetsuya [1]


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