Oiku (L5)

The village of Oiku (L5) in the Oiku province [1] served as a permanent military outpost from which the Lion Clan could move to defend Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho. Once used to attack the city, the large Lion force here now stood ready to come to the Emperor's aid. [2]

History Edit

Lion-Crane War Edit

During the Lion-Crane War four unsucessful attacks were made upon Toshi Ranbo from the city, two led by Akodo Arasou and the other two by the Lion Clan Champion Matsu Tsuko. These repeated failures gave the village a reputation for being cursed. [3]

Deserted Edit

Oiku was virtually deserted. During the absence of the Akodo, it became a punishment station for disgraced bushi. The surrounding village fell into corruption and criminal activity, becoming a haven for the Coin Sect of the Kolat. [4]

Reinstated Edit

In 1133 after the reinstatement of the Akodo, Akodo Ginawa appointed an Akodo governor and magistrates. In one year the criminal activity had been banished. However the Kolat foothold was not discovered. [4]

New Imperial City Edit

The village became again a truly glorious assignment when Toshi Ranbo was designed as the new Imperial City. [5]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 the village was attacked and set to fire by bloodspeakers. The Lion garrison was quickly supported by his previous enemies, the Unicorn, who alongside with Shogun's and Imperial Legion's troops destroyed the menace. [6]

Notable Locations Edit


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