The Ogre Barracks was the last reservoir of the Ogre civilization, before they fell completely to savagery. [1]

Remnants of the Ogre Civilization Edit

The curse of Fu Leng not only spread the Shadowlands Taint over the Ogre race, but their minds and will sapped. A few of the ogres spotted the degradation in time to act, building the Barracks. They dug a shelter beneath the floor of one of their huts and placed in it items such as carvings of their history, tribal totems, and personal trinkets. Soon after the free Ogres finished their memorial, they were overrun by their Tainted brethren. In the middle of the Ogre Barracks was a small pyramid of bones, fossilized by the Taint, which marked the last stand of the free ogres. [1]


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