Ogon no Oni

Ogon no Oni

Ogon no Oni are also called Oni of Gold.

Appearance Edit

Ogon no Oni 2

Ogon no Oni

Ogon resembled small, wiry humanoids with nut-brown skin, narrow eyes, and sharp fangs. In their human form, they looked like hunchbacked old men. In either form, they wore filthy rags so thick and matted that they served as armor. Somewhere deep in the Shadowlands rested the original Ogon no Oni, of huge size, but its enormous treasure satchel was even larger, the size of a colossal kyuden. [1]

Bound Edit

They existed only to increase their wealth, and the original Ogon no Oni was summoned by a foolish Yasuki Merchant who believed the demon could help him get rich. To make sure the demon would not steal his treasures, the Yasuki bound it with strict rules. It had to obey any law to which it was bound, and it could only touch treasure it had been given. The oni accepted these rules, and made the Yasuki very rich, but in the end tricked the merchant into giving it all his treasure. Ogon no Oni fled into the shadowlands with its treasure and found a suitable nesting place. It was taught how to create spawn by the Oni Lord Tsuburu no Oni, and ever since began sending out it's spawn into Rokugan to search for treasure. [2]

Demeanor Edit

These Oni traveled about with all their treasure bundled in a sack or chest upon their back. They never put their treasure down outside of their lairs. They never, ever sleep. These creatures were extremely cowardly, and avoided combat with those that could harm them. The only time they would fight for its life is when its hoard was threatened. [3]

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