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Ochiyo district

The Ochiyo district, also known as the Spiritual District, [1] was one of the southern districts of Otosan Uchi, surrounded by the Juramashi district and the Hayasu district. [2] It was renamed Mojiki district after the Scorpion Coup. [3]

Spiritual District Edit

The Ochiyo district was the holy ground of the Imperial City, with a religious primary function, with seven temples dominating the district. The Lion Clan was tasked with its protection and it had no shops. [4]

Scorpion Coup Edit

During the fourth day of the Scorpion Coup the corpse of Bayushi Dairu, the late Scorpion's heir, was arrived at the Temple of the Sun Goddess. The monks refused to allow them entry, and were slaughtered by the forces of Dairu's father, Bayushi Shoju. The otherwise impassive district was led directly into the fighting against the Scorpion, to exact the dishonorable act. [5] The district was liberated by the combined armies of the clans by dawn of the fifth day. [6]

After the Coup Edit

During the Coup the governor Asako Ochiyo was not seen, and even after the Coup he did not appear. In his absence he was deposed by Hantei XXXIX, and Seppun Mojiki was appointed as the new governor, renaming the district as Mojiki district. [3]

Notable Locations Edit


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