Nunchaku were peasant weapons adapted from a farmer's threshing tool and were surprisingly effective compared to how easy they were to create. The weapon consisted of two foot-long wooden handles connected by a foot-long chain. In the hands of a skilled user they were beautiful to watch, and the flexibility of the construction allowed the user to perform a variety of attacks such as punches, bludgeoning and choking. [1]

Skilled Edit

Inspired by the rice thresher used by farmers, nunchaku were considered by samurai to be good only for training reflexes, hand movements, and standing balance. [2] The nunchaku required substantially more skill to wield them. Accomplished practitioners could put on incredible displays of dexterity with these weapons, spinning them behind the back and across the shoulders with lightning speed. [3] The Mantis and many orders of monks did train with nunchaku. [4]

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