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Nukarumi were disembodied spirits of the Shadowlands creatures destroyed in a battle in the Shadowlands Marshes of Shinomen, deep within the Shinomen Mori. [1]

In that place in the year 815, [2] Naga Pearl Magic was used to destroy the shadowlands beasts. The Naga magic reduced many of their enemies to a viscous ichor that seeped into the ground, corrupting it. In this way it was created the Shadowlands Marshes of Shinomen. [1]

The Nukarimi were bounded to the marsh by powerful Naga wards, forever trapped within its confines. They manipulated the sludge to assume a crude and malleable physical form of sorts. [3] Nukarumi forced an opponent to the ground, then engulfed him with the sludge until he drowned. [2]

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