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Notable Nezumi

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The following is an alphabetical listing of members of the Nezumi tribes.

Blazing Gullet Tribe Edit

Blue Fur Tribe Edit

Broken Shinbone Tribe Edit

Chipped Tooth Tribe Edit

Clawbiter Tribe Edit

Crippled Bone Tribe Edit

Crimson Paw Tribe Edit

Crooked Tail Tribe Edit

Forever-Racing-Tomorrow Tribe Edit

Grasping Paw Tribe Edit

Green-Green-White Tribe Edit

Last Tribe Edit

  • Br'nn Chieftain. 12th century.

One Tribe Edit

Shadow Runners Tribe Edit

  • Ik'krt Rememberer. 12th century.

Squeaky Eyeball Tribe Edit

Stained Paw Tribe Edit

Tattered Ear Tribe Edit

Third Whisker Tribe Edit

  • Achirin Shaman. 12th century.
  • Chitik Shaman. 12th century.
  • Hch-tik Rememberer. 12th century.
  • I'kak Chieftain. Chosen Prophet of Z-ee. 12th century.
  • Ipakak Unknown
  • K'mee Shaman. 12th century.
  • P-o'tch Scout. 12th century.
  • Z'chkir Shaman. 12th century
  • Z-ee Founder and Chieftain. 4th century

Those Who Wait Tribe Edit

Unaffiliated or Unknown Edit

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