Nosloc no Oni

Nosloc no Oni

Nosloc no Oni, Vassals of the Demon Lords, were a type of oni from the Shadowlands. [1]

Rank and File Edit

Nosloc no Oni were among the first demons to emerge from the Festering Pit [2], and they formed the backbone of any Shadowlands assault. in the Dawn of the Empire. [3] They could fight alongside one another to achieve common goals, and for this reason were favored by powerful Lost and Oni Lords. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

These red demons were powerfully built, with swollen muscles, thick limbs and horns on their heads. They had enormous appetites, so much so that they could sometimes become bloated and fat. Unlike many oni, Nosloc were capable of speech, as they were only slightly less intelligent than the average human, and lacked the mindless bestial temperament of most other oni. [1]

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