The North Wing was the North part of the Hundred Stances Dojo.

The Dojo Edit

The dojo was where the actual training happened. The wooden structure was built by the original founder of the dojo, Bayushi Sawao, who died there, and later the place was rebuilt by Akodo Kentsu. Many claimed to have encountered Sawao's spirit within the place. The dueling circle was marked with a chalk line on the floor, and blessed daily by the attendant Seppun Shugenja. Only challenges to claim the sensei position were allowed to take place in this circle. [1]

Students' Quarters Edit

Divided into two large rooms, one for men and the other for women, the majority of students in the Dojo resided within the building. Servants at the Dojo were used as conduits for love letters, and were said to be “in Benten's service” when they were seen passing between the two rooms frequently. [2]


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